The Graphic History Company

We create award-winning installations bringing your company story to life, transforming your working environment and inspiring the people you rely on to build your future.

Every company was born because someone had an idea and made it happen.

Your origins - and everything that has happened since - is a rich seem of storytelling that is uniquely yours. There is no better place to begin when you are thinking about how to differentiate yourself.

We go back to your roots, uncovering the theme that defines you - the golden thread that connects your past, present and future.

Our award winning creatives then weave that thread into a beautiful visual story, placing it prominently at the heart of your company.

For staff, clients and business partners, our work creates a sense of belonging, of being part of something bigger than the day-to-day, lending perspective in times of change and inspiring them to create the next chapter of your story with you.

Through video & photography, our installations are widely talked about outside your company too - attracting new talent and new business.

In addition to our storytelling installations, we are working with a number of clients to maximise the value of a landmark anniversary - a great opportunity to create ground breaking new initiatives that demonstrate your organisation’s purpose, values and direction.


Music Week

"A magical way to tell our story"

Clare Harington, Group Communications Director, Hachette UK

"A rare combination of creativity and forensic attention to detail"

Malcolm Edwards, Chairman, Gollancz

"Unquestionably the best piece of corporate branding I’ve seen in the UK music industry."

Nick Gatfield, Chairman Sony Music


The Bookseller

"A work of art that not only represents who we are but is the crowning glory in our beautiful building."

Clare Harington, Group Communications Director, Hachette UK


Creative Review

"Technically excellent visuals which crackle with personality but don’t ever feel forced in their fun-seeking"

Its Nice That

"What a beautiful idea!"

Kate Mosse


World Illustration Awards

Kantar Information is Beautiful Awards


Interior Project of the Year BSGA

Most Creative Interiors 2017

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